Monday, March 07, 2005

When to Weigh

First off, I just want everyone to know that as of today, I am officially beginning Bill Phillip's Body-For-Life challenge. I have attempted this before, but as I now know, I have never come close to performing this routine at the intensity at which it was meant to be done. We worked hard this morning, and I'm confident this routine will work for both of us.

Because I was working so hard, I was taking in more water than Monstro the whale.

So by the time I get to the Department of Weights and Measures, where I traditionally weigh myself, I've got to go to the bathroom really bad.

And I think to myself, you know, in the name of science, I should weigh myself both before and after, just to see what the difference is.

But I don't do it. I've got to go the bathroom too bad.

After I'm done, I go weigh myself, and I'm 246. Up a pound from last week. Which I sort of expected. I've snacked on cinnamon rolls for the last three days--my wife made a batch to take to somebody who ended up not neededing them, which means these little lumps of white bread covered in sugar are sitting on the table right behind my computer.

I go to visit with my Dad for a while--about half an hour, actually--and by the time I'm done, I have to go to the bathroom again. This time, I decide I do want to weigh myself afterwards--you know, for science.

And I end up back at 245.

So that is the weight you see before you.

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