Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Secret To My New Success


It's The Fitness Challenge.

Game's simple:

Pick an opponent. A spouse, a co-worker, a friend, an enemy, whatever. Even your kid.

Pick "prizes." The game comes with suggestions, but it's up to you. (The game calls them "wagers" but you all know how I feel about gambling.)

Start on a Monday. You get a point for every day you exercise a certain amount of time that week. Third day you exercise that week gets you three points, giving each week the possibility of up to 9 points, but if you get to five points (three workouts) you technically "won" the week.

Play for eight weeks.

You win if you get to 40 points and your opponent doesn't, or if you both get past 40, but you beat your opponent by more than 8 points.

Otherwise, everybody wins and you find a prize you'd both love.

It's a great game, and it's well made--the board can be mounted on a wall or stuck to your fridge. It's quite re-usable as well, which I'm counting on.

I know what you're thinking--what if one or the other players get sick? What do you then?

We found our answer for that--when one person gets sick, the other usually gets sick right afterwards, so just keep playing. It will all balance out.

If you're competitive, and have someone else to challenge who's just as competitive, this might kick-start your exercise routine.

It's like a reality show in a box.