Thursday, January 03, 2008

How Was Your New Year?

Well, I didn't intend to wait until the new year to start exercising and eating right. I really, really intended to start it all those weeks ago when I started blogging on here again.

But you know how the holidays go.

And then, I did intend to start back up again, both on the fitness as well as the debt, on the first of the year.

And then I got sick.

On December 31st, I started coming down with something. And by the time the New Year was rolling in, even though I had covers over me and the heater on, I still was shivering like Sam McGee. I just couldn't keep warm. Or sleep.

But I still did it! I got up (around one in the afternoon) and popped in one of the two new Biggest Loser DVDs. And guess what?

They're hard.

Especially when you're sick.

Good Times EntertainmentSo it came back out. And I ended up doing a workout that owed a bit more to Leslie Sansone than it did to Jillian Michaels.

But I'm still on track! And not only that, but I went ahead and did what has worked for me the last couple of times I've tried it--I made it a competition.

I went to the person I knew who, quite frankly, is the stupidest person I know to get into a weight loss contest with. My brother who used to work at Vitamin World and who has a workout bench and recumbent bike in his garage.

What am I, nuts?

Maybe. But it will work. You'll see.

Now excuse me. I need to go find a blanket.