Saturday, March 12, 2005

Doing The Town--On A Budget

So how to you show two little girls a good time when you're trying to keep from spending any extra pennies?

Well, here's how we did it tonight.

On an online "Freebie" forum, I found out about a thing where Chuck E Cheese was looking for mystery shoppers. If you signed up, they'd mail you a packet of little coupons to give out to people who did a good job, a coupon to give to the kitchen if you got your pizza in 10 minutes, etc. Once you went (with your own money) then they'd send you out a "guest pass" to get your next visit free.

Now we, being the relentless coupon clippers that we are, had some Chuck E Cheese coupons already clipped and saved away.

Tonight we took both the girls, got pizza, soda, and a bunch of tokens for about 20 bucks with the coupon, and we'll get it all again after the guest pass comes (The guest pass is for one large pizza, four drinks, and 30 game tokens--exactly what our coupon was for). Two visits to Chuck E Cheese for just over 10 dollars each visit. Not a bad deal.

We made it by the skin of our teeth--the deadline for the project was tomorrow.

I was proud of myself for finding this one myself. Usually we find out about such things through the "Mommy Chain." One Mommy tells another Mommy tells another Mommy. Our kids got to meet Bedtime Bear and decorate their own picture frame at Toys Backwards R Us towards the end of last year thanks to a bit we picked up on the Mommy Chain.

Anyway, the girls had a great time. They watch a lot of PBS, and since the skateboarding mouse is such a "proud sponsor" of so many PBS kids shows, they've wanted to visit him for quite a while now. I'm glad ol' Chuck E. showed them a good time.

One bit of advice, though.

If you're looking at the 15 ticket prize bin, don't get the whistles.

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