Saturday, March 12, 2005

Car Problems Solving Car Problems

So about 5 years ago, I had a Chrysler Le Baron that I drove into the ground. I'd purchased it in California and junked it in Pennsylvania.

Now for some reason, even though the salvage yard in Pennsylvania had a junk title for it, the California DMV thought I still had the car. Every year, when I'd go to do my state taxes, the Franchise Tax Board for the state would keep my whole return, saying I owed it for registration fees on that Le Baron. Every year I'd call and gripe, every year they'd say to mail them a copy of that junk title and everything would be fine, and every year it would happen again.

So this year, the same week I sent in my taxes I went down to the DMV and spent about an hour while a couple of very nice people did what five years of people couldn't do for me--they solved my problem and got me my money back.

So this week, when my car started doing the shimmy-shimmy and my check engine light came on, I was able to get it all going again for less than half the amount of the check the DMV sent me back.

I still have enough left over to pay for next month's discount adventure with the girls--and this one is going to be even better than Chuck E. Cheese.

Stay tuned.


Rebecca said...

Out of curiosity, for each of those past years, were you able to get your money back? Or was the check you got this time for all five years total? If so, at least it came at a time when it was useful! :)

Erik said...

It was all my refunds for the last five years.

No, they did not pay me five years worth of interest.

As fortuitious as it was, I do not reccomend the "DMV Savings Plan."