Saturday, March 26, 2005

Gone Phishing: Fake eBay and PayPal Emails

I got an Email pretending to be from eBay today.

I know everybody probably already knows this, but I want to send out a heads-up anyway: This email is fake.

The link carries you to a site outside of eBay, with fairly realistic looking login stuff. You fill it out, somebody steals your information. They are commonly sent out by people claiming to be from either eBay or PayPal.

This is called "Phishing." You "fish" for personal information by creating a pop-up screen or an email asking for financial information, and then seeing how many people will put it in.

eBay has a little tutorial on fake emails here.

If you think you have a fake eBay message, forward it to

If you think you have a fake PayPal Message, report it here.

Remember, only you can prevent phishing phP\3@x.

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