Friday, March 25, 2005

Gambling: Poker

So what about poker? Poker's poker, right? Not a lot the casino can mess up there, right?

You've obviously never played casino poker.

There are two places where the casino makes its money off poker. First, they keep 10% of every pot. Period.

Second, up to four people at the table can be employed by the casino, and two of those can be playing with casino money.

As Harry Anderson says, "It's hard to bluff a guy who isn't gambling with his own money."

Just ask--the casino's required to identify them if you want them to--at least, they are in Nevada.

Of course, if roving "teams" of cheaters have found their way into the casino with you, this is probably where they're going to strike. Have fun playing with them, too.

They probably won't identify themselves for you.

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