Thursday, April 21, 2005

Good-Bye Cheap Internet

Well, I just got word that what has been one of the nicest budget items I have--my dial-up internet access--is going away. is going to discontinue doing dial-up on May 9th. I've been getting dial-up service from them for $5.95 a month for some time now, and have not had any complaints about their service.

I'm a no-frills internet kind of guy anyway--spare me your special browsers and your nifty chat features and your special dialers. Just give me the settings to plug into my dialer, don't hassle me, and I won't hassle you. Access4less was internet service that worked for me.

If I don't do anything, they're going to bump me over to Earthlink for $9.95 a month, which only represents a $4.00 increase in my budget, and while $4.00 doesn't bother me so much any more, six months ago, that would have been a pretty big deal to me, and so there's still a little voice in my head that's upset about it now.

Either way, I'm going to miss my silent ISP. I have a suspicion this is going to be like when my neighbor upstairs moved away and the new people moved in--it's not that I missed seeing and hearing the folks upstairs, it's that I miss not seeing and hearing them.

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