Monday, March 14, 2005

Tale Of The Tape

On this blog, I've started to spend a fair bit of time guessing what you're thinking. So much so that I should probably change the name of the blog to "The 365 Day Turnaround Into A Mentalist."

(Of course, if anybody would use the comments feature more than once every two weeks, I wouldn't have to read anybody's mind.)

So this time, I'm reading your mind again, and I'm guessing you're thinking, Erik, that's great that you got the kids into Chuck E. Cheese, but how does pizza fit into your diet?

Well, the way I see it, if I got this big eating entire large pizzas by myself, then eating half a large pizza should get me down to half my weight.

But seriously, I just arranged my eating for that day based on the fact I'd be having pizza. I didn't starve myself--but I had a really low-cal protein shake for breakfast and a serving of chili for lunch. Plenty of calories left over for a dabble in late night pizza.

What probably surprised those of you who really know me is that I had soda. Normally I absolutely, positively drink nothing but water. It was a special occasion, though, so I dabbled in a little diet soda.

How did it all work for me? Well, check out the tale of the tape. I'm down another 4 pounds since last week, putting me at 21 pounds since the first of the year, and only one pound away from my short term goal of 240 by April 3rd. Which is, of course, good, because we all know those last 20 are going to be harder than the first 20, so it's nice to be a little ahead of schedule on my goal to be down to 220 by my birthday in July.

And tomorrow, for my cardio, I'll get to move furniture out of the office that flooded and that we were forced to close because of mold.

Life never ceases to be exciting.

Note: Look for another exciting Tale of the Tape update this week, on the financial end, as I experience the power of both the mid-month payday and a tax return.

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