Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday - Tale Of The Tape

As long time readers of this blog know (and, yes, there are some of those!), Monday used to be "Tale of the Tape" day. Basically, it was weigh-in day. The day when I would measure myself and weigh myself and then humiliate myself by posting it all on the blog.

There's a number (Ha!) of reasons for this, the main ones being accountability and responsibility. If everyone's going to see the number, I've got to bring it down to establish credibility (because otherwise, I'm left trying to dazzle people with my ability to use words that end in -ility).

The other thing to notice is that I didn't wait until the first of the year. This blog started on the first of a year, and it would fit the spirit and name of the blog to have waited another month and started it then.

But I can't do that. As you can see, I let myself go, dangerously. Just a few months ago, I was in the 230s for weight, and now I'm back above 250. In just a couple of months. You think you're doing well, and then wham. The weight can just pounce back on you. It's ridiculous.

But it's also the way life works.

Actions have consequences. It's always harder to build something than it is to tear it down. And getting results always requires effort.

So here I go. December 3, 2007, starting another 365 days.

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