Thursday, February 01, 2007

SparkPeople: Go. Sign Up. Or Not.

When last you were really hearing from me, I was praising SparkPeople. is a great site. I still encourage you to go there. I still encourage you to tell them docmagik sent you. I encourage you to have lots of clicky fun getting points.

Part of what I dig about tools like is the way it makes me feel in control. There's something nice about not "guessing" what I'm eating, or how many calories I'm eating, or how many calories I'm burning, that makes me feel in control and relaxes me.

But it's not that way for everybody. I was talking to a dear friend this week who says that something like SparkPeople would just add to their stress and guilt. Now, not only would they not be exercising, but they would not be logging the exercise they weren't doing on the website.

I understand that completely. See, I firmly believe that what works for one person doesn't work for others.

I also believe that just about anything can work when you want it so bad you have to it. So at that point you can just pick the thing that's fun for you and go for it with everything you've got . . .

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