Friday, September 22, 2006

Sparkpeople: Better Than Fitday

If you want a good calorie/exercise website, in the past I have recommended Fitday.

I now revise this, and recommend Sparkpeople.

A completely free site, it can be whatever you want it to be.

Do you want a site that gives you diet plans? It can do that.

Do you want a site that lets you pick your own food, thank you very much? It can do that.

Do you want a site that gives you communities of people you can work together with for support and help? It can do that.

Do you want a site where you and your friends can all go together and make your own little group to monitor each other's progress? It can do that.

It's a good site. Check it out.

And if you do, say DocMagik sent you. I don't get a dime, but I get "Points."

Points are another way SparkPeople helps you track progress--you can get points for entering what you've eaten, points for reading articles, points for exercising--it's a way for you to feel like you're progressing even if you're not losing weight.

I first signed up for it months ago, but didn't realize until about the end of last month how cool and helpful it is.

And the good part is, between the food log and the exercise log, if you're not losing weight, you'll know exactly why.


theFrog said...

Thanks for this link! I was never really a fan of fitday - I don't know why, but there was something about it I just plain didn't like.

I really like SparkPeople, though. What a great resource!

Erik said...

Yeah, fitday was pretty bare bones. I liked it because I could decide for myself what calorie deficits I wanted, rather than just being told--it was a geek thing.

But I agree with you that SparkPeople is far, far better.

It'll be fun having you over there!

sdf said...

sparkpeople is dead is the next version of the fitness and diet journal

John at MyBodySite said...

I run a website at and I've looked at both fitday and sparkpeople to see what tools people are using. I think fitday is a little too barebones to be more than a calculator of sorts. SP is much more comprehensive but I found it to be overwhelming, no matter how many times I went back. I'm hoping to find a happy medium because there is no shortage of people looking to improve their lives through better eating and exercising.

Tara @GrowBabyGreen said...

Thanks for your recommendation. I just joined sparkpeople and think it will work great. I was going to join Weight Watchers online which is mucho expensive, so I was glad to have found this. I gave them your username when I signed up.