Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Here I Come Back From The Dead, Oh No . . . . . !!!

I got a little under the weather.

For those who don't read my other blog, I'm currently writing a screenplay. It's been interesting, because the book I'm using as a guide is one that acknowledges the difficulties of writing a screenplay. "No other book acknowledges the fact that you think you're going to die of this," quoth the book, and the amazing part is, it's right.

The way the book does it, see, is by paralleling the difficulties you're going through writing the thing with the difficulties your hero is facing throughout your movie.

At the start, you know you want to write a movie, but you're not really sure what all it's going to entail or how it's going to be. Your hero--same thing. He starts out wanting something but he's not sure what he will have to through between now and then.

And then you start getting into it, and you have to keep going forward not looking back, even when it starts to look a little harder than you thought. Ditto your hero.

And as things get going, there's actually a time where the screenwriter and the hero both just feel like throwing in the towel. This isn't what they signed up for, it's not what they wanted it to be, they can tell so much of what's gone before is just bad, bad, bad.

That's the day when it's the hardest for the screenwriter to sit down and plunk out the pages. That's when it takes fortitude and guts and character to keep on going and see it through.

It's true in screenplays. It's true in movies.

And it's true in 365 day turnarounds.

The car problems stunk. Being sick stunk. Coming back up four pounds (wonder why the Tale of the Tape hasn't been updated in a while?) stunk.

So there's that moment where you have to knuckle down, recognize the cost of what you wanted, and decide you want it anyway.

Onward, ho!

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