Saturday, June 25, 2005

Emma's Eyes

Usually, when people see me after a while, they ask about Emma. She's got a leg tumor and some other problems, but is sweet as pie in spite of it all.

One of the problems is her eyes. To put it gently, they tend to cross. Her right eye tends to drift off course a bit.

As it turns out, this is strabismus, a generic term for any visual defect that causes misalignment of the eyes. Her particular type of strabismus is called accommodative esotropia. That's a fancy way of saying she's really, really farsighted. So farsighted, that her eyes need to cross that much in order for her to focus.

The first step in her treatment is glasses. There's a chance that glasses alone might help. We'll see if we have to do any patching or anything else from there.

We did find some pretty cool Dora The Explorer glasses that were purple, so she's excited. I'll try to get a picture or two up when they come in.

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Rebecca said...

Don't feel bad, my new sister-in-law had to have her eyes surgically uncrossed when she was born!!