Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tale Of The Tape

I'm down another pound. Since today is almost exactly two months before my birthday, that leaves me almost exactly two months to lose 15 pounds to hit my goal of 220 by my birthday.

So far, in four months, I've lost 27 pounds. That's about 6.75 pounds a month. I'd have to step it up just a hair to 7.5 pounds a month to hit my goal.

Then, I'm giving myself the whole last half of the year to get to 200, that's going to be 3.33 pounds a month--less than a pound a month. Since I know those last few pounds are always the hardest, I'm purposely giving myself that extended time frame. I'm interested to see how much harder it gets. I know it's going to be frustrating to see my progress fall off by half, but I'm mentally bracing for it, so maybe that'll take some of the edge off.

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