Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Chase Visa Wants Blogged About

Chase Visa, apparently disappointed I haven't mentioned the $400 card I kept for emergencies after I paid it off, has decided to do something stupid in order to get some blog time. I'm willing to give it to them.

A little after we paid off the card, my wife got a call from them asking if we wanted to sign up for some kind of protection service where we'd have certain transactions monitored. My wife, not sure if this was something we needed or not, asked them to send us the information.

When our bill came this month, we were charged for the service. Which we never signed up for.

When my wife called to point out that we'd never signed up for it, she was told that she must have signed up for it, because otherwise they wouldn't have been charged for it.

So she explained the prior conversation to the lady, saying she had only asked for information.

Honest, the lady's reply was something to the effect of, "Oh, well that explains it. We have to sign you up for it to send the information."

My wife still hasn't been able to convince them to reverse the charge and cancel them from the program.

I'll be calling them myself tomorrow, and I'll be sure to tell you all about that conversation.

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Rebecca said...

Yeah, I've encountered that before too. It's usually "try it for 30 days free while you look over the information"; although, I've never had them NOT spell that out to me before. I would usually call before the 30 days was up and cancel; although many times I would get charged before I called. I used to always be able to call and cancel and get my money back, although once or twice I was able to cancel, but not get my money back for one month's charge. I think you have a strong case and if you have the persistence to follow through, you'll be able to get your money back.

I, unfortunately, have plenty of experience in that regard...I spent months and months fighting a $12.42 charge from AT&T (and finally got it). I've been trying to get Mike & I to be on a shared cell phone plan with Cingular since March and finally got it accomplished a few days ago. And there so, so many more examples I could give. If you have the patience/persistence to make several phone calls, talking to several incompetent people before finally getting a competent person who can correct your problem, you will generally be able to get your money back.