Monday, April 25, 2005

Testing A New Posting Feature

Yet another attempt to try and facilitate my publishing this blog easier,
leaving me more time to write my fiction and other things.

Hopefully, this experiment will not go as freakishly wrong as it went on my
other blog, leaving my entire page looking like portions of another blog had
been cut and pasted into mine. We will have to see.

In the meantime, the 365-day-turnaround continues, and new weight
information should be up tomorrow in the new tale of the tape.

Also, just like I've used Dave Ramsey's baby steps to try to control my
finances, and Bill Phillips' Body-For-Life to get going on fitness,
I'm once again giving Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way a shot at
re-energizing my creativity. It was a birthday gift from my dad shortly
before the birth of my first daughter, and I started the 12 weeks, but never
finished them. This time, I'm giving it another go. We'll see if this
makes any sparks, and any sparks will be duly reported.

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