Monday, February 14, 2005

Missin' The Measurements

Because of work stuff, I wasn't able to do my usual Monday weigh-in.

I have to admit, I'm scared of this one. I've lost weight every time so far. This time, if I gain anything, it's going to put me back at or above 250, a weight which I was delighted to get below.

It rained a lot, keeping me inside in my nice, warm bed during the cardio hour. My workout partner fell ill at the start of the week, preventing a couple of workouts. Plus, it doesn't help that his wife is going to have a baby any day now (possibly any hour now, based on my conversation with him a little bit ago).

Plus, last Friday, one of my offices flodded. I spent all day that day and part of the next bent over running a wet-dry vac and carrying heavy buckets of water around, which left me so sore I was nearly unable to move, let alone do my normal two Saturday workouts.

So I had one solid day of physical activity, and nearly nothing else.

As for eating, I tried really hard, but it was still probably my worst week yet.

But I've still got to get on that scale.

So tommorrow morning, I'm going to do more cardio. I'm going to work myself for that hour, and then I'm going to go weigh myself, and I'm going to accept whatever results I get, and I'm going to lose another three or four pounds next week, just like I've been doing.

Stay tuned.

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