Thursday, January 20, 2005

Stupid Things I'm Doing

Since I spend so much time trying to sound smart, I thought you might be interested in knowing some of the stupid things I'm doing this year to try to help me, financially.

I am trying these stupid things so I will be able to say, for sure, whether they help me or not.

I am trying to win contests. I am not paying for any contests--I do not have the money for that. However, I am entering lots of free contests. I am entering contests on radio station websites. I am entering contests on cable network websites. I am finding out about obscure contests on sites like

I am using daily for all my search needs. I also enter their daily "Pick 7" and "Instant Win" contests.

Today, I entered a contest at for appliances, one at for a trip to New York and a cooking set, one at to win an Easyshare camera to replace the one I lost that belonged to my company.

At the end of the year, I will tabulate how much I profited off of contests compared with how much I profited off of doing actual work, and share my uncensored results with you, that you may know which endeavors are more profitable for yourself.

How do I expect the results to come out? Well, let's just say that in five years of offering the prize, it looks like has only had to pay out "Pick 7" winners twice.

So I will be keeping my day job.

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