Wednesday, January 26, 2005


My wife is strutting around, quite proud of herself, with good reason. Since my entire family is in town for a bit, and won't all be together again for at least two years, my folks want to take pictures tomorrow night.

Of course, for my wife, pictures mean make-up, and make-up is something that we don't usually have in the house, because whenever my wife purchases any, it usually ends up contributing to frescos my two little da Vincis do on the walls.

She approached me about it timidily, knowing that we'd already spent our grocery budget, and that really all we had left was my gas money. Would we have enough to get some make-up?

I asked how much it would be. Twenty dollars? Forty? I might know math, but I don't know make-up.

She said she had some coupons, and that Rite Aid was having a sale, and she could probably get by for $20.

Well, not only did she have coupons, but she found "on product" coupons, too. There was a "Buy a makeup thing, get an eye makeup thing free" coupon, and a "Buy an eye makeup thing, get a different eye makeup thing free" coupon. By combining these, she got the makeup thing, the eye make-up thing, and the other eye make-up thing, all for less than the price of the make-up thing, since she had a coupon for that to begin with.

Plus, the coupons were for higher quality stuff than she usually pays for.

All told, she ended up with over $35 in name brand make-up for less than $13.

Coupon clipping works.

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