Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Second To Last Biggest Loser

Well, feelings were mixed at our house after the second-to-last Biggest Loser last night.

My wife and I are both fans of Bob and Jillian, but like them in opposite order. She likes Bob more than Jillian, and I like Jillian more than Bob.

So you can guess how our feelings went after the finale last night (Spoilers ahead, o ye Tivo users!).

I was thrilled to see Jillian win the whole thing. I think the girl came back this season with something to prove, and I was excited to see her prove it.

I think only half of that was how much I liked Jillian. The other half was how much I disliked Kim.

Kim's problem is obvious: Kim never stops thinking about Kim. During every training session, during every interview, during every moment on the show, all Kim can talk about is Kim. How Kim feels. How things are affecting Kim. How people going home make her feel.

In this way, she's sort of the anti-Bob. Bob is all about trying to get inside the mind of the person he's working with, seeing the world from their point of view, and then channeling whatever energy they have inside of them.

Kim's the opposite. She thinks about the effort she's putting in, and when things get tough, she tries to make sure everybody else understands how she feels.

So it was nothing against the red team when I delighted in seeing them picked off one by one. Kim was practicing a coaching style I don't believe in, and I was glad to see it fail.

Bob didn't deserve to lose--I think that if it were work we were talking about, I'd rather have Bob as my boss than Jillian.

But this is exercise, and I think Jillian has the style of coaching that I would thrive under. And coming back after being gone, picking up the unchosen, underdog players--all of that just stacked up to have me rooting for her above anybody else.

I've also been a fan of her radio show--yes, I even called it once, if you can find me in the show archives--and agree with nearly every philosophy I've heard her express in the show, aside from her love for Caffeine.

So having an all-black team finale--that's just great news. And it looks like her new DVDs on Amazon are going to be called the "Black Pack," in honor of her victory on the show. Apparently, doing some research, they don't have anything to do with the show, but are a 3 pack of her two "For Beginners" DVDs and the Cardio Kickbox DVD that wasn't in either of the "Frontside" or "Backside" packs from her Biggest Winner! series.

So congrats to the Black Team, and I look forward to the finale next week. I'll post my thoughts on it then.

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