Thursday, August 24, 2006

Call Off The Search Dogs, They're Chewing On My Fatty Legs

Due to the barrage of comments questioning as to my whereabouts--yes, I live in a world where just one is just one, and two is a barrage, at least when it comes to feeling people care where I'm at--I am making an appearance. I would say it would be the first of many, but that always curses me and I never post again.

However, I have also found that not posting causes me to lose focus on my goals.

Also, changes in my lifestyle cause me to lose focus on my goals.

Pretty Butterflies flapping by cause me to lose focus on my goals.

In fact, pretty much anything can cause me to . . . doesn't the cursor look cool when it sits there blinking?

The bad news is, I am, once again, obese.

But the good news is despite the ups and downs of certain lifestyle changes, I am back down to one pound above my last logged tale of the tape weight of 238. And I'm headed towards getting back down below the 232. In fact, I've been exercising consistently for the past few weeks? What's my new discipline secret?

Tune in tomorrow (or so), and I'll share my secret.

Not that it will matter, now that this blog's readership has probably dwindled down to four spammers and a couple of Bam-Bam fans, and none of them care.

But what the heck. There's room over the rooftops of the world for the sound of my barbaric yawp.

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Joshua said...

Welcome back! (Blogger previously insisted on calling me "Anonymous")