Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New Tale Of the Tape

New tale of the tape for tonight, which I have mixed feelings about.

Excited feelings: Come from the fact that I lost six pounds this week. Whee! That's as much as I lost the whole rest of the month put together.

Worried feelings: My waist still came down by the same amount, which has me worried that it didn't come from fat. Also, it looks like my biceps went down. Am I losing muscle instead of fat?

I was shooting for four pounds of weight loss last week--double what I normally did. To do this, I was adding cardio on my strength days. In the evening, I would do a kickboxing video--pop it in the laptop and put it by the TV while a movie or show was on. I was tickled when I saw my weight--but got worried when I saw the measurements. It might mean I need to eat a little bit more each day to keep muscle loss down. We'll see if the results continue this week or not before we mess too much with something that's working.

Later this week in finance: The envelope system!

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