Monday, January 16, 2006

Healthy and Energized! -- The Final Answers!

T - F If you're active and exercise, it matters less what you eat.

False! It matters more what you eat. That's like saying if you drive your car a lot it matters less that you take care of it.

It's easier for an active person to create nutritional deficiencies than a sedentary person. The more you do, the more you need.

T - F Having more muscle gives you more energy.

True! Muscles are where your body stores the sugars it uses for short-term energy. The more muscle you have, the better the short-term reserves of energy you have to draw on.

T - F When making healthy eating choices, seeing the word "salad" is always a plus.

False! I blogged about this before here.

T - F If you have more energy, it means you don't need as much sleep.

False! It always matters how much sleep you get. The right amount of sleep maximizes your energy throughout the day, not vice versa.

However, the "right" amount of sleep means a specific amount--not too much, and not too little. Both can be a problem, and both are different for different people.

I encourage you to experiment to try to find your sleep "zone." I know you won't--you're a human being, and how much sleep you get is determined by when people finally leave you alone--but I still encourage it, because I want to sound smart and responsible, and I still hold to the belief that the blogs of smart, responsible people get more hits. Or should. Or something.

I'm going to go get some sleep.

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