Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Super-Fast Updates

This, ironically, is both my slowest and fastest update ever.

As in, it's the longest I've gone between posts, but my first post using my super-fast, super-hype DSL connection.

Wow. It's a little bit faster.

I haven't hooked up my wireless router yet (Thank you, Becky!) but I will soon.

Our house is actually kind of turned upside down right now. My wife borrowed a carpet cleaner thing today, so most of my apartment is in my kitchen and my bedroom, so even the set-up I've got for the DSL right now was just temporary to make sure it was working.

But whoo-doggies, is this thing faster. I am feeling so spoiled right now.

Bring on your big files! Bring on your huge flash-powered websites! Bring on the large version of the film trailers!

I am the king of cyberspace!


Rebecca said...


BTW, how is the ring worm thing going?

Erik said...

It's basically gone. You can still see a little hint of a ring on her cheek, but not to where strangers say, "What's that on her cheek?"

Thanks for askin'!

Rebecca said...

You're welcome. I've been meaning to ask you for a while. Glad to hear she's better. Navi is better too. :)

Erik said...

See, if you'd post in your blog once in a while, I'd know stuff like that.


I'd say I was glad to hear it, but you wouldn't believe I really cared about a cat.

Ah, what the heck.

Glad to hear it.