Monday, June 06, 2005

Tale Of The Tape

Up two pounds. I wasn't really bad for eating, but I haven't really been exercising.

So I'm really behind on my birthday weight goal. A lot of that is discouragement from the car situation, which I still haven't mustered the energy to blog about. I'll probably post more about it on Wednesday or Thursday when the car's back and the dust has settled and I'm back to where I was a couple of months ago, financially.

Which, I really need to keep in mind, is still way ahead of where I was a year ago, financially and weight-wise.


Shari said...

Erik, I found your blog because of your lasik story (which I posted on) and just think it's really cool that you're posting about the same goals that my hubby (Brent) and I have for this year. I never thought about blogging about it. We are both trying to lose weight (combination of Weight Watchers, South Beach and lots of walking and hiking) and trying to reduce our debt. You're an inspiration and we will definitely be checking your blog regularly now that we've found it. Thanks for being so brave and sharing your weight and debt reducing stories with us! :-)

Erik said...

Glad you found me!

I really debated at the start of the year about whether to do this--it really doesn't get much more personal than weight and income/financial situations, and I was a little uncomfortable sharing at first, but knowing this blog is here has been what's kept me so on track this time, and the hopes I can help other people is a great motivator to keep blogging.

I actually tried to do this once before, anonymously. I lasted two days.

Putting my real name on it and telling people about it made a big difference. ;)

And I'm glad I saved you a trip out to LA.