Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What's On Your Plate?

This morning for breakfast, I had an omelet with fresh oregano and cilantro. Fresh, as in right off the plant.

I don't know if I mentioned this, but my wife has taken up gardening.

Container gardening, to be specific. Since we don't own a home and live in a two-bedroom apartment, I'm really proud of her for her ambition. We've got everything from green peppers to chilies to strawberries growing out on the porch. And, as you guessed, a nice selection of fresh herbs.

This is her own contribution to our frugality experiment. This year we'll see what grows well and what's worth the effort, and then we'll improve our talents expand our repertoire of deliciously fresh fruits and vegetables as the years go on.

She grew up with a garden, so I guess this is old hat for her. I'll post more about it as some of the produce starts to come in.


Gregorio said...

Has the fate of the "turnarounder" been sealed?
Will Erik, the demigod,(our superhero and inspiration)overcome all odds and blog again?
Tune in next time turnaround-fans to see how Erik gets out of this jam!...same frugal time...same low-fat channel!

Erik said...

Wow! That was great!

Want to write my next press release?