Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Trimming The Fat

So what am I doing to make this work?

Well, basically I've given up everything I don't need, both financially and physically.

Financially, these are some things that went:

The Gym (I lift weights at my folk's house and do cardio on the sidewalk and at home)

Cable (I get just local channels now, which is $5 a month from Dish Network)

DSL (Not that I ever had this, but I have $5.95 a month dialup with

Memberships (I've been a member of a few organizations that required dues. Not anymore.)

Magazine Subscriptions (Got a couple to support a brother-in-law's fundraising effort. Won't be renewing them.)

Eating Out (Maybe a 99c cent chili or something, here and there, or if I have coupons.)

Buying Books (I have full shelves that can show you where I tend to blow those dollars that are burning a hole in my pocket. Thank heaven for libraries.)

Diet-wise, these things are no longer a part of my diet:

Liquid Calories (No milk, no sodas, no punch, no nothing. Not even diet. I used to drink a Sobe a day until one day I noticed the ingredients and nutritional info were the same as for Mountain Dew, and they cost twice as much. Just water for me, thanks.)

Eating Out (I used to think I was doing my body a favor when I'd order two double-doubles instead of getting fries and a soda, since fries had all that starch and fat, and the burger had the protein. Then I did the math.)

Desserts (Believe it or not, this is an easy one for me. I'm not a big sweet eater.)

Fried Foods (This is my tough one. Fried chicken, potato chips--hoo, boy, that's where I run into problems. I still have some, on occasion, when I've figured my day's eating to compensate for the calories)

Seconds (Don't get me wrong. I still eat frequently throughout the day. I just limit myself each time.)

Skipping Meals (Since I know I'm eating fewer calories, I know my body needs the ones I'm allotting it. I'm miserable if I don't have nourishment.)

White Bread (The wholer the wheat, the better.)


Buobie said...

Hey, I found your site and find it really interesting. I myself have been trying to do a "turnaround" you might say. I use to do kickboxing and now I am doing aerobics. I am starting TyBo (or however you spell it) today. I find my biggest problem is eating enough to where my body doesnt want to just store it :( Anyway, good luck!!

Erik said...

Welcome! Glad you found some interesting stuff.

The hardest part of cardio is keeping it interesting, so it sounds like you're doing a good job of that.

I actually missed my cardio workouts twice this week, and two weightlifting sessions, too, but I think I made up for it when I spent the whole day today cleaning up a shop that was flooded in all this rain.

I don't know if I'm going to be able to move tommorrow, but I have to--water was still dripping when we left.