Saturday, February 26, 2005

For More Information . . .

I know the information I provide about actual investing is a little ambiguous. This is partly due to the format of this blog.

This year, I'm mostly trying to get out of debt, and this blog's goal is to convince other people why they want to get out of debt. So when I talk about investing or saving, it's mostly in terms of why you should get out of debt in order to do them.

My plan is to continue this blog into next year. This year's 365-Day-Turnaround is about going from debt-laden to even. Next year's 365-Day-Turnaround will be about starting to build wealth.

But I realize some of this blog's readers are ahead of me. To them, I offer some resources.

First, I like the Vanguard PlainTalk investment guides. You can either read them online or ask them to mail you a copy. There are other guides as well.

I do not know this company and I have not read this book, but if you request information from American Century, you get a free copy of the book The Automatic Millionaire. At least one reader of this blog reccomended this book to me, and hey, if it's free, what the heck.

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